Monday, January 10, 2011


I am slowly coming to realize that I cannot support all my addictions.  First, I don't have time to do them all as much as I want.  I can't even find time to do them all in any given month.  Second, good yarn is expensive!

Fortunately, I am getting commissions for knitted items.  That will help pay for my yarn.  I imagine that after I get better at weaving, I will be able to sell many woven items, which may help pay for my book addiction.

But, gosh, what do I do about my chicken and baby addictions?


  1. Davey caught me browsing the new chicken catalog last week. "More chickens?!" he exclaimed. "This is some kind of disease!" But I was just looking. We're just getting turkeys this year. And maybe ducks. :-)

  2. Well, you can come get a short baby fix in August or September... Just doing my best to help you out here ;)


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