Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding our Way Home

When we moved here, almost four years ago, we bought a house.  When we closed on the house, we followed our realtor all over the big city to get to the attorney's office.  After closing, we walked outside and noticed the Smoothie King across the street.  

Now, we're fans of Smoothie King from way back.  When we lived in Florida, there was a Smoothie King about a mile away.  When we moved to Oklahoma, I was 7 months pregnant.  It was the middle of summer, and my cravings were 30 miles away.  Maine didn't even have one.  Massachusetts had one, but it was a pain to get to.  D.C. had one almost next door to Gary's office.  The Kentuckiana region has them all over the place.  However, prior to yesterday, we had not managed to find this one again.

We went bowling, and while we were there, we discovered a sudden need for smoothies.  I looked them up on my iPod touch, and it said there was one 2.7 miles away.  We went out to the car, looked on the GPS and it said the closest one was 8 miles away!  I went back inside to get wifi and look up the address.  I called them to make sure they were open.  Then we drove to the Smoothie King.  As we drove up, Gary and I both said, "Hey!  This is where we closed on our house!"  Ah, it only took 3 years, 9 months, and 25 days, but we finally found the first Smoothie King we went to here.  It was like coming home.

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