Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Reasons

It seems that every time we meet a man, he always asks Gary the same question, "Why would you retire before you could draw the most money out of your retirement?"

I always look at them and reply, "Because he wants a wife when he retires."

I had one older gentleman look at me, look at Gary, then look back at me.  He said, "Money has to take precedence."

I'll never understand that concept.  Money is not nearly as important to me as my marriage is.  Money is not nearly as important to me as my children spending time with their father is.  Money is not nearly as important as being with my husband.  Money, in fact, is left far in the dust in terms of importance.  Am I saying that I would give up Gary's retirement at this stage in the game?  No.  Not unless something drastic happened.  But, I'm only willing to put up with the on-the-road lifestyle that Gary has for so long.

So, the reasons Gary will retire as soon as it is practical for our family are as follows:

Xavier is a Daddy's Boy

Gary likes Stratego.

Sometimes, Dominic needs a helping hand.

Gary's always willing to be bitten by vampires.

Who else could force choke Gabriel while being bitten by a vampire?

I want to spend every New Year's Eve with my man.

He makes me laugh, and I need that in my life every day.

Our family's not complete when Gary's gone.
Gary is the rock that anchors our family.  I need him every day.  That is why he will retire.  He'll do it for me.  Because he loves me.


  1. Way to make your already-emotional sister cry! Love you guys :)

  2. Those all sound like perfect reasons!

  3. I couldn't agree more. My dh and I have a countdown going (5 more years) unitl he can partially retire. I want to travel and see my family loving life together while we are all (relatively) young.


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