Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chemicals All Around

I saw this ad for Glade Sense and Spray today.

As I sat there watching everyone walking through the spray, I couldn't help but think about all the chemicals they were ingesting.  Recently, I've been thinking more and more about the chemicals present in our everyday lives.

I've noticed an increase in cancer and autoimmune disorders.  Perhaps it's just because I know so many people who have been diagnosed with cancer, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, etc.  My grandmother, father, and Gary's uncle all died of cancer within a 4 year period.  We know 3 people with leukemia, a disease that I used to think of as a childhood cancer.  I read so many blogs that are written by women who have breast cancer.  I know women have have survived breast cancer.  It seems that everywhere around us, people have cancer.  There is no way for me to innumerate the number of people I know who have autoimmune disorders.  I don't even know that I know who all of them are.  I would guess that at least 25% of the people I know have some type of autoimmune disorder.  How is this possible in a country with medical care such as ours?  Don't even get me started on the increased incidence of autism and allergies.  Looking at all this, I wonder, how much of this has to do with the chemicals we consume?  I would guess that a large part of it.

My family is currently attempting to go chemical free.  The obvious place to start is our food supply.  When I think about all the chemicals present in our food supply, it makes me sick.  All of my family has taken to reading food labels.  It amazes me how many chemicals are in foods we eat every day; foods that seem 'healthy' but obviously aren't.  We've been taught to avoid candy and sweets, fats, and oils.  But, they avoid the elephant in the room: chemicals.  If we cut out all the chemicals in our diets, I truly believe that oil, fat, candy and sweets would not be a big deal.

But, then I started thinking about cutting the rest of the chemicals out of our lives.  What about our soap?  What about lotion?  What about sunscreen? Our epidermis is a huge layer of cells.  Do we truly believe that slathering our cells with chemicals is not dangerous?  We are consuming those chemicals when we put them on our skin.  It is why a girl was able to die from using too much muscle cream!  Yet, we think nothing of putting on a thick layer of sunscreen.  After all, it keeps us from getting skin cancer... Doesn't it?

And what about our housecleaning products?  Did you know that Glade Sense and Spray actually has a warning about inhalation?  Do you think that spraying several different chemicals in your bathroom to clean it is a good thing?  We have completely gotten away from commercial cleaners.  I make all our household cleaning products.  It's easy to make them, although a little harder to use them.  After all, a soft scrub requires scrubbing, whereas Scrubbing Bubbles only requires spraying and rinsing.  However, I much prefer breathing in the wonderful aroma of lemon oil and knowing exactly what I'm coming in contact with.

It bothers me that our country is so open to having chemicals in our food supply, around our houses, and in the very air we breathe.  What are we doing to ourselves?

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  1. Caught your blog from your signature line on the Free Range Homeschool yahoo group. Love the posts. I'm new to homeschooling. I got interested in going chemical free about a year ago and have made a little headway recently. I make our laundry soap. We've all moved to aluminum free deodorant and flouride free toothpaste except my stubborn husband. Still a work in progress. I got interested after looking into the Real Food movement and reading Nourishing Traditions. Good luck with everything.


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