Saturday, June 25, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Gary had started to kiss me, although Gabriel didn't notice.  Gabriel started to talk, then noticed we were kissing, and said he'd wait.

Dominic said, "Yeah.  Don't interrupt the family process like I did the V's."  Hahaha

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dominic Turns Another Day Older

Dominic's birthday is a big deal. After all, it's the day he was born on. It's the day when we all celebrate Dominic.  Yesterday was his eighth birthday.

He started the day by determining he should stay in his pajamas all day. He woke me up with the following words of wisdom, "Wish me a happy birthday!"

Then, I made him some white chocolate strawberries.  And, let him eat all of them!

We decorated the dining room for celebrating.


Dominic requested an apple pie for his birthday 'cake.'


Dominic received a new Nerf gun, a bedside table, a new pair of mama-knit socks, several books, and Milk Duds. (This goes along with our "something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read, and just for fun, something to eat" rhyme.)


And, from his brothers, he received a new Wii game. I like the fact that they choose to buy Wii games instead of gameboy games. It means they get to spend more time together, through their gifts.


He even got a hug from the anti-hugger.

This morning, he told me that yesterday was his best birthday ever, and one of the best days of his life. I'm so glad we got that boy in our family. The day he was born was one of the luckiest days of all of our lives.

Still Living in the Shire

In response to my request for more tea, while he was leaving the room to do laundry, Gabriel said, "Time is precious, Mother.  More precious than the One Ring." 

He's right, you know.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Making a Case for a Bike Helmet

Saturday night, Gary was talking and I thought I heard a child screaming.  I shushed him and we all heard it.  My mom, who was visiting, and I both jumped up and ran outside.  There, we found Xavier bleeding quite profusely.


I took one look at that finger and started to take off my shirt.   Then, I realized that there were three little boys standing around and asked Gary for his shirt.


We put gauze and an ice pack around it to help slow the bleeding and headed to the ER.  There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to need stitches.


Apparently, he had hit a stick with the front wheel of his bike, then with the back wheel of his bike; at which point, he lost control of his bike.  This bike flipped, and he ended up wrapped around it.


We were very lucky that the ER was virtually empty.  We arrived at about 10, and were home by 11.  Xavier received 7 stitches in his pinky finger.  Watching the doctor pull his skin out and down was quite interesting.  I had been trying to figure out why his skin was so puffy.  It wasn't.  It was just bunched up.


Xavier has abrasions and bruises all down his right side, including on his head, shoulder, elbow, knee, and toes.


I am just glad he was wearing a helmet.  I know there are a lot of parents that don't bother to make their kids wear helmets.  Mine always wear helmets.  In fact, Gabriel alienated a lot of the neighborhood kids right after we moved here by telling them, "You're stupid to not wear a helmet."

But, just look at that helmet.  If he hadn't been wearing his helmet, we probably would be dealing with a lot worse than abrasions, bruises, and stitches in a finger.  I'm guessing we'd probably be dealing with stitches in the head, and perhaps a concussion.  Make your kids wear helmets, parents.  Some day, you may be thankful you did.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the Father of My Children

When we met, you had no thought of being a father.  Your life was child free, and, since you were the youngest in your family, had always been so.  The thought of children was far from your mind.  Then I came along.  I started talking about children from day one.  You knew how much I wanted children.  You gave them to me.

But, you didn't just give me children.  You became a father.  You became an amazing father.  You spent almost as much time with Gabriel as I did.  It seemed as though you had been born to be a father.  That hasn't changed.  Instead, the bond you share with our children has only gotten stronger.  The love you have for them shines through in everything you do.

You are the heart of our family.  When you are gone, our heart is gone.  When you return, our heart comes back.  

You shape our children into better people.  You make me a better person.  At the end of each day, I think about how much I love you.  I know I could never express the love I have for you.

I was so lucky to find you.  You are my hero.  Each day of our lives, I am thankful that we found each other.  I am thankful that my orders got changed to send me to your side.

Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our children.  Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Knitting All Around the Shire

I was knitting myself a pair of socks.  I'm desperately trying to use up some of my yarn stash.  And, a pair of socks was on the agenda.


Then, I realized that Dominic's birthday was fast approaching, and I had no "made by Mom" projects in the works.  So, I set down my socks, and started making Dominic a pair of socks.


The only problem with sock knitting is that working on small needles makes my hands hurt.  I have to take frequent breaks.  So, I am also knitting this blanket.  I had the yarn in my stash, and the pattern perfectly fit my yarn.


I am on the road a lot, so not much reading is getting done.  However, we are listening to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as read by Rob Inglis.  We're enjoying it immensely.  After all, we do live in the Shire!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chickens That Type

One of our favorite books is Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type.  We have the entire series.  In fact, we have two copies of a couple of the books.

A few days ago, the books began to come to life at our house.  Dominic discovered a note posted on the chicken's pen.

The Girls and Their Note

The note read:

Dear Farmer Dominic,
It's too hot to sleep. We demand a fan. Furthermore, it is too hot during the day. We demand a sprinkler.

No fan. No sprinkler. No eggs.

The Chickens.

Farmer Dominic Attaches His Reply

Dominic quickly posted a response that told the chickens that they were, after all, chickens. They should just go about their business of being chickens.

Searching for the typewriter.

Then, he went searching for their typewriter. He is almost positive that the chickens are using some sort of cloaking device to make their typewriter look like a stump.  And, he knows this rebellion is all the new chicks' fault.  After all, if Ms. Shannon hadn't allowed them access to books while they were at her house, they never would have known how to type and start a rebellion.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Learning to be a Man

While chopping wood is not an essential skill in this society, there is something about it that seems instinctually manly.  However, that is not how Gabriel is learning to be a man.  He is learning to be a man by spending massive amounts of time with his father.  He is learning to persevere.  He is learning that even though your aim may be bad at first, it's worth it to keep going.  He is learning that a day of hard work is immensely satisfying.  He is enjoying his father's company.  He is learning that spending time working beside someone you love is time well spent.  He is learning to be a man.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Early to Bed...

Early to Rise?  I have come to the conclusion it is actually the opposite.  It just takes my body two days of getting up early to adjust to needing to go to bed earlier.  Granted, this is almost impossible for me when Gary is not home.  When he is gone, I just have a hard time settling down.  It really makes me wonder about the Cry It Out method of sleep training babies.  If it's so hard for me, as an adult, how hard must it be for infants.  But, I digress, probably because I'm so tired.  Goodnight.


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