Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Early to Bed...

Early to Rise?  I have come to the conclusion it is actually the opposite.  It just takes my body two days of getting up early to adjust to needing to go to bed earlier.  Granted, this is almost impossible for me when Gary is not home.  When he is gone, I just have a hard time settling down.  It really makes me wonder about the Cry It Out method of sleep training babies.  If it's so hard for me, as an adult, how hard must it be for infants.  But, I digress, probably because I'm so tired.  Goodnight.

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  1. We never let the babies cry it out. It's pretty lonely at night. :-)

    Let's see. Settling down enough to sleep alone. I've done two things that have really helped me. One is to cover the alarm clock and not peek till morning, because if I know how much sleep I'm not getting, I get even less. The other is to turn my back on the world. Literally. When I'm alone, I tend to stress about whatever goes bump in the night (and nights are quite full of odd, random noises). So, I intentionally roll over in bed so I'm NOT facing whatever might be going bump, thereby symbolically and actually removing my concern for them. It helps.


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