Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's So Hot

We've been in a bit of a heat wave. No problem. Our air conditioning is working great. But, it is hot out there. Our chickens must be doing okay, because they haven't reduced their egg laying production any. However, it does seem that we're having some problems with the eggs being in the heat...

This morning, Gary cracked an egg, and it was hard! He kept trying to break it, and the more he broke it, the more he could get his finger in. It was a little mushy, like a hard boiled egg, so he though it had cooked outside. He tried with a second egg, and thought the same thing.

Then, Gabriel came through and had the same problem. But, Gabriel knew. He asked Gary if it was hardboiled.

Gary replied, "Well, it must have cooked outside because it's been so hot."

Gabriel said, "Oh, well Xavier made a batch of hard boiled eggs. They must have gotten put in with the rest of the eggs."

This was much better than the prank Xavier tried to pull.

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