Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

Wow. This year is getting a slow start. I'm currently very happy that my two younger children are in school. It gives me the ability to solely focus on Gabriel. I think that in the future, I will stagger start dates for school. Or, maybe we'll all start with math, then continue with language arts, etc. *sigh*

You would think that after 4 years of homeschooling that we would have it down to a science. The truth of the matter is that prior to last year, we had always schooled year round. Last year was a bit different, since I was sick, and we just kind of went with it.

This year is probably even more discombobulated than usual. I have an 'official' high schooler for the first time. While it doesn't really change a lot about what we're doing, it seems to put a bit of fear in me. After all, this is the first time I have to really be concerned about transcripts... Also, this is the first time I have completely made up my own class. American History and Literature is kicking my butt. I am afraid of missing something, but more important, I am afraid of over-scheduling Gabriel. I don't want him to have too much to do. We'll find our rhythm. Hopefully, we'll find it before Xavier joins us back at home.

And, for those who are wondering, I have every expectation that Xavier will join us back home. I am not letting him know this. I want him to have a nice long time to get use to the way school works, before he makes his mind up about his school situation. He, however, has already made his mind up. In the meantime, we are helping him learn to navigate the rocky shoals of middle school. He is finding things he likes and things he detests. He is also planning his subjects for when he comes home, making lists of projects he wants to do and books he wants to read. I'm glad he's doing this. It will make my life much easier when if he comes home.

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