Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sometimes, life is not as simple as it seems. Sometimes, a woman feels a grief so deep, so wide that she cannot overcome it on her own. Sometimes, she feels guilty for that grief. Why should she want more, when she has already received so much, when there are others who have none? Why can she not be thankful for what she has? Why can she not let go of dreams she once had? Why can she not move on to new dreams?

Or, perhaps, she has moved on. Perhaps, she is thankful for what she has. But the grief of that lost dream ever pulls at her. Most days she is fine. Most days, she does not even think of that lost dream. Then, one day, the grief just hits her. All she wants to do is crawl inside herself and weep.

Her grief is almost alive. It lives within her, like a parasite, sucking away her soul and happiness. She cannot live with the grief, but she cannot rid herself of it. So, she pushes the grief deep within. She smothers it. She dreams new dreams, ever knowing that the old dream will come back to haunt her. She knows not when; she knows not how. If only she knew, perhaps she could prevent it. She cannot stop living. She cannot avoid those things that trigger her grief. After all, these things also bring her great joy.

So, she lives on. She loves life, and everything in it. She embraces her grief. She realizes that grief is a part of joy. It is, in fact, the opposite side. Without grief, one cannot truly appreciate the joy. She pushes forward through the grief to the joy on the other side. She rises from the pit of despair and walks in hope. She loves.

Sometimes, life is as simple as it seems.

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