Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trip to Sally's

New Mama

In August, my first baby my baby sister had her second child. This week, I got to come to Oklahoma to see them.

James is adorable, of course.

Cadence Working Hard

So is the first born, Cadence. I have had so much fun with her. She has much to say, and is very busy. I've enjoyed learning that her hair is "pretty wild," she has to "work hard" at "pretty important work," and all her books are "pretty neat."

Making Friends with Cadence

Cadence was not too sure about me at first. But, I came bearing gifts, and was willing to read, so we made friends. It felt about right to be holding one baby while reading to another.

Mommy Came!

Today, my mommy came to visit. She lives about two hours away, and I'll be stopping by her house on my way back to Kentucky, but it was nice to have all three of us in one spot. And, for the record, I'm talking about all three women, not Mommy, James, and me.

All the Girls in the Family

Cadence is the only granddaughter. My mom has six grandsons. We thought that since all the girls in the family were in one place (we have no sisters-in-law), we ought to take some pictures.


I've had a grand time, but I'll be happy to see my babies again. Poor things, Gabriel's the only one of my 4 boys who has escaped strep this week. Gary, of course, is doing a splendid job. He always does. However, Dominic is adamant that his favorite part of the day is not all the man time he's getting, but talking to me on the phone at night. Of course, he gets to go back to school tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll be supplanted by that.


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