Saturday, November 26, 2011

Down Time

We are all gamers. For the most part, my video games consist of things like Plants vs. Zombies and Zuma. That's only because first person shooter games make me sick, though. Mine was the first Nintendo generation. We got a Nintendo when I was in fifth grade, I think. My older brother and I played that thing obsessively. I was good. I still am. I've got great hand eye coordination. My boys cannot even begin to come close to beating me at the original Super Mario Bros. And, when I can get over my motion sickness, I can hold my own in other games. But, for the most part, I just leave that to the boys.

Last week, Gary got an invitation to help test a new game. All of my boys were in alt. They spent Thanksgiving downloading it. 

Today, Xavier woke up at 3:30 and hopped in the shower. He had no idea it was so early. He woke up, thought it was time to get up, and started getting around. He hasn't been feeling well, so I thought he was taking a shower to warm up. Sure enough, midway through his shower I could hear him vomiting. Poor kid. Gary went and told him not to take a long shower so that he could get back to sleep. That's when he realized it was still the middle of the night.

When everyone was awake, the gaming started. I'm pretty sure Gary and Gabriel are still at it. I left to go to a friend's swim meet. I spent four hours chatting with a friend and watching her daughter swim. It was wonderful, and I was out of the boys' hair. Our family certainly did our part to test the system. I sure do hope the other gamers were as diligent. Oh, right, we're talking about gamers. Never mind.

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