Sunday, November 27, 2011

In the Garden

Last winter I abandoned all garden plans. I knew that I did not have a good place to plant, and I was focused on providing a good permanent home for our chickens. 

We cut down trees, put up fences, and gave our chickens a permanent pen. Ah, but then we decided that we needed to put the chickens on hold. The chickens, you see, could not be left out past dark without putting them in danger. The number of days we're away from home during that critical time of dusk were just too many. We decided to give our chickens a new home. While I miss my hens, I know it was the right choice. One day I will have chickens again, this is just not the right time.

It is the right time for a nice big garden, though! I love gardening. It has been extremely frustrating not having a garden since we've lived here. I am spending the winter planning, growing, ordering, perusing. A few of the plans I have made so far include fruit trees, herbs, potatoes (oh my yes), tomatoes, peppers, corn... Oh, did I mention the garden is taking over the chicken pen? We never had someplace that had enough sun for a vegetable garden that we'd also like to fence. We needed to clear out trees in the backyard. I have planted a garden in the front yard, but the deer eat it. They eat all of it. It is very depressing. We do have to take a couple more trees down to reduce the amount of shade just a tad bit. 

We'll plant an herb garden in the front yard around the patio I am building out in the middle of the yard from river rock harvested from our yard. We will include a few apple trees. I'd love to have a couple plum trees as well. That will also be my cutting garden for flowers. I can't wait to get started.

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