Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Favorite Games

Our family is a board game family. We love playing board games. In fact, there is almost nothing Xavier loves more.

During the summer, our family seems to play games together rarely. The boys want to play outside, and we want them to as well. As soon as it starts getting dark earlier, we start playing games. We used to play games every night in front of the fire. Xavier and Dominic returning to school put a stop to that. We just didn't have time for it. What we do frequently have time for is card games over supper.

There are three games that we play over supper. The first is Uno. Uno is probably the game we play the most over supper. It is easy to play, and one hand is satisfying. The second is Spoons. Oh, how we love this game. We actually had to go out and buy spoons to be able to play this game. (For some reason, we are always losing spoons. I'm not sure how it happens. They're not allowed anywhere but the dining room and kitchen, but we were down to 4 spoons out of 16 before we started playing Spoons!) The first time we played, we played with plastic knives. We also like to play Phase 10. Did you know that you can download an extra 10 phases? We play Spoons and Phase 10 as ongoing games. We keep a notebook and just continue the games from day to day. This is easily accomplished by putting a star next to the person's score that dealt the last round.

Our family has many games that we enjoy playing. Almost all of them are strategy games. Gary is the only member of our family that likes Scrabble. *ahem* That may have something to do with the fact that he's good at it.

Our favorite strategy games are The Settlers of CatanRisk, and Monopoly. We also like Apples to Apples Junior . We use the Junior version, since we have children.

In looking for links for this post, I found out that Amazon is having a sale on games right now! We always buy a new game for the family for Christmas. So... What are your favorite games? We're open to suggestions!

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  1. We like Deal from Monopoly - it's pretty quick, and it's a card game you could play at the table :)


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