Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Under Quarantine

Last Monday, Dominic was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was the third kid in his class to come down with it. Today, Xavier got his formal diagnosis, although we had already figured out that was what he had. Gary is also sick, although he doesn't sound like he has pneumonia. We'll see.

Right now, I'm considering locking Gabriel in the basement with some MREs and a few cases of water until everything is cleared out of the house. I have been assured, via Facebook, that this would not be considered child abuse. It would be in his best interest, after all. For myself, I'm considering a chem suit. That should protect me while I take care of all the sickies in the house.


  1. It's commonly referred to as "walking pneumonia." It's much less serious than typical pneumonia, especially when treated. It is most commonly caused by a bacterial infection.

    "And, even though the disease is contagious, it spreads slowly. The contagious period in most cases lasts less than 10 days. Researchers also think it takes prolonged close contact with an infected person for someone else to develop walking pneumonia; still, there are widespread outbreaks every four to eight years. When those outbreaks occur, walking pneumonia can account for as many as one out of every two cases of pneumonia."

    Yes, my boys have been close, prolonged contact with infected persons.

  2. I think it's your parental duty to lock him up with MREs and water until the coast - and air - is clear.

    I had pneumonia once, just in time for our first wedding anniversary and the 4th of July. Sexy times, I promise! *eyeroll


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