Monday, December 5, 2011


Dominic's new theme song:

We had allergy testing done on Dominic today. Well. He is allergic to life. *ahem* Following is a listing of things he's allergic to:

All trees east of the Mississippi, all southern grasses, all weeds, mold, tobacco, dogs, cats, dust mites, smut (decomposing leaves & grass), and has either a mild allergy or the chance of developing an allergy to the following foods: corn, fish, peanuts, rice, soy, and tomatoes. Yay.

I'm just happy that he doesn't have a lot of food allergies right now. Hopefully, we caught this all early enough to reverse it. We'll see what our naturopath has to say about it. Have I mentioned that I love my naturopath? He's wonderful.

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