Thursday, December 1, 2011

Attempted Mooching Pays Off

Every year on Veteran's Day, restaurants all over the country roll out the red carpet for veterans. Gary and I decided to go mooch off Applebees this year. So, I dug through my files for my DD 214, and we headed to Applebees. We arrived, only to find out there was a 45 minute wait. We decided to patronize an establishment that was not giving out free food to half the county. We paid for our dinner, and we enjoyed it. 

We missed out on a free meal, but we have the potential for much, much more. When Gabriel was a baby, I applied to use my GI Bill and was turned down. At the time, we thought it was because of my length of time in service. On Veteran's Day, I read my DD 214, apparently for the first time. Yes, I know I should have read it closely when I separated. I will just say that I was pregnant, tired, and reeling with the news that I owed the Navy $1600. I didn't read it as closely as I should have. What I found out is that my DD 214 is wrong. It says that I did not contribute to my educational benefits. But. I. Did.

I'm very excited about this. I spent the morning on the phone with the VA and DFAS. I found out what I need to do to change my DD 214. Hopefully, I'll be able to acquire my old pay statements, and then have my DD 214 changed. If I'm able to do that, I should be able to get my GI Bill. That would just make my year.

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  1. Good luck getting this fixed! Isn't it nice to find out an error that will eventually work out in your favor?


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