Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Guessing

Blog Her threw out a writing prompt today that took me back a few years. "Do you like to try to guess your gifts ahead of time?"

Oh wow. When I was a kid, I always tried to guess. My mom use to switch the names on the tags so that we couldn't know whose gifts belonged to who. There I was, sitting at the schoolroom table. There were a bunch of wrapped gifts under the table. I was swinging my feet (I have short legs and I'll maintain to my dying day that's why I swing my legs and put my feet on chairs), and I kicked one of the gifts. It ripped a hole in the package and I could see plain as day that it was a Speak and Say. I knew that had to be for my two year old sister, but it had my name on it. Well. That ruined her plan to keep me from knowing the gifts weren't mine. But, I never went to the length my dad did as a child. It's my understanding that he use to carefully unwrap his gifts, then rewrap them in same paper. 

As an adult, I prefer not to know what I'm getting for gifts. I want to be surprised. I frequently know ahead of time what I'm getting, but I wish I didn't. I like the surprise. It just makes everything a little bit better. My mom has managed that for the last several years. I have had no idea what she was getting me. The anticipation is much better this way! What about you? Do you prefer a surprise, or do you like to know what you're getting?

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