Wednesday, December 7, 2011

People of Walmart

Tonight, I had to make a run to Walmart. Dominic had an allergic reaction to the medicine the allergist put him on for his allergies. Oh the irony. I needed to make a run to the Mart and I wasn't modifying my clothing to do so. This is what I was wearing.

You see, this morning, I put on my pants and shirt. Then I realized all my cushy socks that I wear as slippers were in the laundry. So, I threw on my mukluks. After a bit, I decided I was cold and put on that lovely, attractive, clashing matching cardigan.

I went about my business, blissful in the knowledge that no one was going to see me in my outfit. I was walking through the living room when those mukluks saved my heels. I stepped on this.

It is a three inch needle that was straight before I stepped on it. It went into the leather on the bottom of my mukluks and stuck. Whew. If I had been wearing my socks it would have gone into my foot. Those mukluks deserved to be worn to Walmart. So, if I end up on People of Walmart, just understand that I was giving the mukluks a well deserved outing.

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