Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Healthy

As most of you know (after all, I haven't borne it silently- I am by no means stoic. I am a sharer.), I was sick for what seemed like a very long time. Compared to people who have been sick for years, and will be sick their entire lives, it was a mere moment in time. However, thanks to that illness, and finding the cause of it, our family has changed a lot of our habits. The most important habit, in my opinion, is our diet.

In December, we took Dominic for allergy testing. Some things I didn't mention are important. Dominic had a lung function of 20%. The reason we took him for allergy testing was because of a persistent, horrible cough that he'd had since March. The allergist immediately put him on medication, "only three different medications a day." He also wanted to start allergy shots. Since I'd had such wonderful results from seeing a naturopath, Gary and I decided that we wanted to try that route with Dominic before trying allergy shots.

When we took Dominic's allergy test results to our naturopath, he skipped right over most of the environmental allergies and headed to the food allergy section. There were a few things the allergist did not even mention. An important one was that Dominic was allergic to yeast. This, according to our naturopath, was because he has thrush. He was also concerned about what food allergies the allergist had basically ignored. Finally, he watched Dominic breathe and said he was not breathing properly. Instead, he was only using the very top part of his chest.

He put Dominic on a mega vitamin, a strict diet, and an exercise regimen to re-teach him how to breathe.. Within three days, Dominic had almost completely stopped coughing and was off all the medicine the allergist put him on. Wow. Three days. All because he started taking excellent vitamins, taught his lungs to work properly, and cut four foods out of his diet.

We cut all corn, soy, rice, and peanuts out of his diet. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take those things out of your diet? If not, you haven't been reading the labels of your food closely. Wow. I knew, intellectually, that corn was in everything. But, I didn't know that corn was in everything. And the few things corn's not in, soy is in. Wow. It's no wonder our society is so sick and overweight. We have very little to no variety in our diets. Our bodies need variety. We need vegetables. We need fruit. We need grains and meat. We need variety. We're not getting it.

I will tell you that it is amazing to me the difference diet has made in our family's health. I will share more with you as we go. I will share some of my favorite new recipes. I hope you make the decision to help your family get healthy, too. It might seem expensive, but what price can you put on your family's health?

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