Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yarn Along

I've actually been reading this week, which means I have thing to share for the Yarn Along.

I've been working on creating a pair of gloves. This is the first time I've ever written a pattern, and it's time for me to start the right hand glove. I have to do things in opposite, so I'm a little scared. Instead of finishing the pair, I took a break and worked on a blanket that I've had in the works for almost a year.

It's a Log Cabin blanket. Each block is one skein of Noro Kureyon.
Get the pattern here.

This is my favorite color so far. I'm considering making a woven blanket with just this color, hence the reason it has the tag pinned to it.

This week, I'm reading a book called Uncut Cloth: Saris, Shawls, and Sashes. It talks about the history of woven cloths that are made into clothes. The pictures in the book are quite stunning. I found it at my local library.


  1. Blanket is looking good, can't wait to see what the gloves look like!

  2. The blanket looks gorgeous. How clever to pin the band to the colour you like best, I wouldn't have thought to do that (and would invariably forget which colour it was!)

  3. Yum! That colour and the one above it! It's going to be awesome all together!

  4. Love that blanket. So pretty!

  5. Good luck with the pattern writing. I love the blanket!

  6. Love seeing your log cabin knit blocks! I just revisited a log cabin knitting project last night that I have NO IDEA where it's headed, but it's fun and pretty!

  7. i love your blanket, it's really gorgeous. i love noro too, such a lovely yarn.


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