Friday, February 10, 2012

Writing Club- Gabriel

Gabriel Pelletier
Where I Want To Live And Why

When friends are talking, one question inevitably come up. Where do you want to live? Why do you want to live there? People around the world ask and answer this question every day. The answer you get offers a useful insight into their character. This is my answer to that question.
When I think about that question, I always have my answer in a heartbeat. I would want to live in Greece. There are many reasons I want to live there. For the first, I was conceived there. My parents met and got married there, so I feel like I have a connection with the place. And the history! I can practically smell it from here. Greece was one of the main starting points of western civilization. Everybody can see that America admires Greece in our architecture. Many of the world's greatest thinkers also come from Greece. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Aristophanes all call their home Greece.
When I think of Greece, I think of the food. I love exotic food. The different kinds of food I could find in Greece are just about endless. Greece was one of the places where many fronts in the world were pushed back. The gourmet industry, science, math, religion, and philosophy were all changed by the Greeks.
The science of Greece was incredible. They had amazing architecture, and they were wonderful sailors. Their knowledge of the human body was second to none at that time. The Greeks discovered arteries and veins and the connection between them. It was the Greek Aristophanes who figured out the circumference of the earth, and he was only off by less than an inch. It was the Greek Plato who started the controversy about Atlantis. He also made the phase “The mother of invention is necessity”. They also had superb generals, battle tactics, and weapons. One of Greece's greatest leaders and military geniuses was Alexander The Great. His military tactics and revolutionary use of the technology of the time allowed him to conquer most of the known world. The only reason he didn't conquer more is that his men mutinied and didn't allow him to go any farther. He made an early version of the crossbow, which can pierce through heavy armor of the time. The Greek's scientific advances changed the world.
Greece is an amazing place. In it's greatest hours, it led the world out of an old dark age. It was also the inspiration for another superpower that would rise and conquer nearly all of the known world. That empire was known as Rome. But no matter what time period it is, Greece shall always be immortal in the sands of time. That is why I want to live there.


  1. Very articulately written. I too would enjoy living in Greece. When you visit you feel as if you are living history again. Gramma

  2. Very convincing! I've never thought about it but now living in Greece sounds fun.

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