Friday, February 10, 2012

Writing Club- Xavier


I would like to live in San Jose. The weather is nice. You can grow different types of food. There are other things I like about it. Let's talk about the weather.

The weather is awesome. It's mostly temperate, with the average temperature being 61.3ยบ F. It's most likely to rain in February. There's low humidity during the summer. Besides weather, there's the benefit that you can grow tons of food.

Food is one of the bare necessities of life. In San Jose, you can grow oranges. You can grow cantaloupes. You can also grow tomatoes. There are other things to like about San Jose.

There are other random things I like about San Jose. It is close to the Myth Busters, and I really like the Myth Busters. Mom and Dad seem to like it a lot. It's close to the ocean. It's close Lego Land. These are some of the cool things about San Jose.

There are many things to like about San Jose. There is amazing weather. You can probably grow every type of food, except coconuts. It just has the stuff people like. That is why I want to live in San Jose.


  1. Xavier, my brother lives very far from me in San Jose and he loves it, too!

  2. Very well written. You made this sound like a place I wouldn't mind living also. Or at the very least visit. Gramma

  3. Nice! I like the Mythbusters show too and, while I've never been there, Legoland definitely sounds cool. Great essay!


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