Friday, March 23, 2012

Finished Object Friday

Back in October, I started a sweater for myself, with the intension that it would be long-sleeved. Then, I got to the sleeves and got bogged down. I hate knitting sleeves. Plus, I had a Christmas gift I needed to make, so I set it aside and picked up another project. In December, I thought about making it short-sleeved, but decided to press on with the idea of making it long-sleeved. Well, a couple weeks ago, I decided it was warm enough to make it short-sleeved. I'm so glad I didn't finish it during the winter. It is going to be the perfect summer shirt.

This pattern started as Labyrinth from Stitch Diva Studios. Obviously, I changed the sleeves, but I also changed the edge of the sleeves and the neckline.

I just did a simple K2 K2Tog repeat around the edging of both sleeves and neckline. I'm very pleased with this pattern, and will be trying their Sahara soon.

Now, a finished object of Dominic's. He has a knit object, but it's at home and I haven't taken a picture of it yet. When we visited JoAnn's earlier this week, I suggested he pick a kit to make some sort of project. He loves crafting, and I knew he needed something to do during our quiet times.

He chose a beading kit. This is his first project. He puts so much thought and time into his projects. He did such a good job, don't you think?


  1. The sweater looks great on you. I really like the neckline modification you made!

    Dominic's beaded bracelet is awesome too!

  2. It's perfect! It fits you like a glove and you look stunning modelling it. Fantastic colour choice too and wise decision to leave it short sleeved

  3. Oh to have such gorgeous arms as you do! :)
    Dominic did an awesome job on his, it is perfect for being a beach bum too!

  4. I've seen so many sweater patterns I like, but feel like there's no way I'd ever finish one. Hats. I'm really good a finishing hats.

    It's lovely and so are you.

  5. That sweater looks fabulous on you! The color is perfect and I love the modifications you made around the neckline.

    Your son did very well on his project also!

  6. Looking good. The sweater too :)


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