Monday, March 19, 2012

Hotel Etiquette

At what point did parents stop teaching their children how to behave in hotels? Or was it just my parents who taught us hotel etiquette? As someone who travels a moderate amount with children, I feel qualified to tell parents and young adults what not to do in hotels.

1. Please, be quiet in the hallway. If your hotel opens onto the parking lot, be quiet walking past other rooms.
     - Remember that other people have different schedules than you do. Perhaps they are asleep early so as to get an early start the next day; hopefully they will have the same respect for you the next morning.

2. Please, be quiet in your room. Remember that the person in the room next door to yours can hear what you are saying if you say it in a normal tone of voice. Hotel walls are not thick. If you want to disturb your neighbors, or just share all your personal information with them, speak loudly.

3. A hotel room is not the place to try the cry-it-out method of putting a baby to sleep. While I understand that babies cry at all times of the night, please do take this time to attempt to comfort them. As the mother of three babies, who has traveled with them from the time the oldest was 1 week old, I understand the fear of disturbing neighboring guests. Get over it. If you are attempting to comfort your child, that is all you can do.

4. Do not run or jump in your hotel room if you are not on the bottom floor. If you have never experienced this, I suggest you ask someone to kindly demonstrate the amazing amount of noise this makes. It is a good demonstration for children as well.

5. Have fun. Just have respect for your neighbors.

Yes, we had young adults outside our condo early this morning yelling and running. Yes, Gary had to get up and go to work this morning. Yes, I wanted to go yell at them, but restrained myself.

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