Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why I Love My Doctor

In December, Dominic was diagnosed with multiple allergies. His pulmonary function tested at 53%, after having rescue medicine. Before that, it was at 25%. The allergist prescribed him multiple allergy medicines and recommended allergy shots. We were scheduled for a return visit to discuss allergy shots today.

As we left the doctor's office, I texted my naturopath's wife and asked her if Dr. DeYoung could help us with allergies. A week later, we were once again in a doctor's office, with very different results.

Dr. DeYoung told us that Dominic was not breathing properly. He was only using the upper part of his chest to breathe. He taught Dominic how to breathe properly and set him exercises to make the breathing automatic. He gave us vitamins and Candida Ease. Dominic had Candida (also known as a yeast infection- the kind that presents in the mouth). He put Dominic on a strict diet to get rid of the yeast infection and to address his food allergies.

That's right, food allergies, something the allergist did not address at all. So, we took Dominic off all soy, corn, rice, and peanuts for a month. We've been reintroducing soy, corn, and rice. We noticed an immediate reaction to soy. Within 30 minutes of eating soy, he starts coughing and his eyes get itchy and watery. Corn and rice produce a more delayed reaction, and if he only eats them sporadically, he has little to no reaction. The reaction he has to soy was concerning to me, especially after reading the early symptoms of anaphylactic shock.

Well, today we went to the allergist again. He was amazed by Dominic's improvement, especially since he has not been on any medication since two weeks after his original appointment. His pulmonary function is up to 85% with no medication. His eczema is improved. Basically, the allergist was shocked, and no longer recommends allergy shots. Instead, he is recommending further testing for food allergies to make sure there are no more nuts he is allergic to, and prescribed an epi pen for emergencies. This is a complete turn around.

I feel confident that allergy medication would not have had the same effect. We would have been starting allergy shots, without any doubt. That's why I love my doctor. He found what was wrong and helped us fix it. Thank you, Dr. DeYoung!

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