Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Just like Review Tuesday, I am reinstituting Workout Wednesday. Each week, I will tell you what I did for my workout the previous week. This week only includes Monday and today, but wow, is there a great story here.

First, today's workout, because after reading about Monday's workout, you just won't care about what I did today. You'll be laughing too hard.

Since we're staying in a condo with limited exercise equipment and space, we decided to take advantage of the condo's stairs. We started at the bottom and did a quick warm up. Then, we ran up to the 6th floor, where we did as many pushups as we could stand (not many for me- they bother my back). We ran back down to the bottom floor, where we ran outside and threw off our shoes. There, we did roundhouse kicks, before running back up to the 5th floor and repeating. We did this until we had done all our round house kicks, which put us at the 2nd floor, conveniently the floor we're staying on. The round house kick drill that we were doing was this- 1 roundhouse kick forward, one backward; 2 forward, 2 backward; 3 forward, 3 backward. We did this all the way up to 10, with stairs in between.

Now, to the good story. The reason I decided to start doing Workout Wednesday again is because I have not been able to get to the dojang often enough to have a steady workout schedule. I need more. Monday, I chose a simple workout routine to get myself started. I would do 30 jumping jacks, then 30 situps; 25 jumping jacks, 25 situps, etc. working my way down to 10 of each as the final number.

I started off enthusiastically enough. This is one of my favorite exercise routines. But, the bureau that I was using to keep my feet down was really rough on my feet, so I moved into the living room. At home, I do this routine in the living room, so I thought, "No problem."

In the living room, I started feeling some pain around my tailbone. I thought, "Wow. This floor is hard, but I will persevere." I thought it was just my tailbone hurting because the floor was hard. Was I wrong!

After my workout, I hopped in the shower, and almost screamed in pain. What the heck? I hopped right back out of the shower and ran to look in the mirror. My butt was covered in carpet burn. I had worked the skin right off my butt. And boy did it hurt. It hurt to shower. It hurt to sit. It hurt to stand. It hurt to lie down. It hurt to wear clothes, and it hurt to be naked. It just hurt.

Well, Gary comes home and I tell him the story. He had a good laugh, and so did I. Tuesday, my abs were sore, in a good way. Unfortunately, my butt was still sore, in a bad way. I laughed about it all day long, which of course made my abs hurt worse.

The moral of this story is situps are bad for your health. From now on, I'm going to stick to sports where the most dangerous thing is getting kicked in the head. I've got an extremely hard head.

*For the record, I was fully clothed while doing my workout. There are some things that just shouldn't be done naked, like fixing a bike or doing situps.

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