Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do Hard Things

Sometimes, in the course of our lives, we realize we're coasting. Life is happening and we're just along for the ride. It is then that we should all make the decision to do hard things.

What is hard will differ for each one of us. What is hard for you may be easy for me. What is hard for me may be easy for you. We cannot judge each other's hard things, we just have to do hard things.

For me, consistency is hard. I am a sprinter. Certainly the world needs sprinters. Leonardo Da Vinci was a sprinter, and we got so many wonderful things from him. I am comfortable being a sprinter. I know that if you're in a pinch, I'm the one to call. Why? I'm a sprinter.

What makes sprinters good to have around? Sprinters are amazing at getting things done in a short amount of time. Sprinters typically have a wide range of interests, so they can help out in a variety of areas. Sprinters are able to change direction on a dime. If you need them, they are usually willing to drop whatever they are doing to help you.

Sprinters are not good at follow through. Getting my black belt? Not easy. Maintaining a schedule? Not easy. Sticking to a meal plan? Not easy. Finishing one degree plan before starting another? Not easy. That's right. We love starting new projects, and we get bored easily.

We're important to have around, but you need marathoners too. Gabriel is a marathoner. Ooh boy, is he ever. That boy is in it for the long haul, and he is not changing course. The good news about that is that we compliment each other well. But, now it's time for us to do hard things. He's going to have to learn to turn on a dime, and I'm going to have to learn to stay the distance.

Sure, there are other hard things for me to do. I'm starting with a meal plan. It's not easy. When it's 4 o'clock and I am craving pizza, I really don't want to make meatloaf. I'd rather go with that craving. Gabriel wants to look at the menu and stick to it religiously. We're both going to have to deal with hard things with this one.

Do you do hard things? What is something that is hard for you to do?


  1. I quit teaching. That was a hard thing to do. I keep debating whether or not to go back. Of course I don't know if I would have quit if my husband hadn't been relocated for his job, but it was the kick in the pants I'd been needed for a year or two. Now I'm able to write.

  2. I like the comparison of a sprinter and a marathoner. I've always thought of myself as a bottle rocket, but I like sprinter better. ;-)

    Consistency is a challenge for me, too. Which is why I keep signing up for these monthly blogging challenges. Sure, it's a blog, but it helps me establish a routine, a schedule. Consistency is good for me, even though I buck it like crazy.

  3. Sprinter here, too. I think I just get bored too easily. Or maybe I just lack focus.

    Consistency is also hard for me. But it is something I really need to focus on...


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