Monday, April 30, 2012

The Fall

Or "Why I Have More White Hairs", or "Why Xavier Didn't Fight on Saturday."

My mom, brother, and their sons, ages 12 and 5, came to visit us. They arrived Monday. By Wednesday, we were all ready for some time away from the house. We decided to visit a local nature preserve that we'd never been to before.

We had a lot of fun on our hike, and promised the kids a trip to the playground afterward.

Everything was going well at the playground. The boys were having a blast. The adults were having a rest and watching the boys run around. Since there were no younger children close to the boys, we were letting them use the playground equipment the way bigger boys prefer, climbing around the top of it.

Then, Xavier took a header off a 10' slide. That's right. He fell headfirst to the ground from 10' in the air. I watched the whole thing. Fortunately, he landed on his right shoulder, where the shoulder meets his neck, with his head tucked. A few inches to the left and higher, or without his head tucked, and the fall probably would have broken his neck. We got lucky with just a very mild concussion and a vertebrate that was locked in place. Occupational therapy and chiropracty will take care of everything. His head gear will have to stay off when we're doing tae kwon do, and there will be no head contact for him for a while.

As a result of this, I have more white hair (I counted them), and he did not get to fight in his tournament this weekend. I'm just thankful that the fall is something to be looked back on, and not something to be mourned.

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