Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Make a Smoothie

This tutorial is written by Dominic, who does make all his own smoothies.

First, you should put in ice, about a cup of ice.
Then, if you have any frozen strawberries you should put a handful and a few more in the blender, if not, fresh strawberries will do.

Next, you could put in some blueberries.

I like putting pineapple in my smoothie.

I also like putting a banana or two in, but make sure you split it in half first.

If only Mr. Banana had known.

I like to put mango in it if I have any, but I usually just eat the mango after it's peeled.

Personally, I like putting yogurt in, just to make it a bit smoothier.

I also like putting milk, and maybe orange juice, in my smoothie.

Protein powder is nice to put in them; it just gives you a bit o' protein.

Then you blend it all together. Sometimes you have to push the ingredients down into the blender if they get stuck. I just turn it up higher and it works sometimes.

All you have left to do is pour it in a cup and bon apatite!

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  1. Excellent! And now I'm craving a smoothie.

    Hubs loves to put a tablespoon of peanut butter in our smoothies. Mm. Peanut butter.


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