Saturday, April 7, 2012

Naval Aviation Museum

Saturday morning, we said goodbye to our condo and the beach. We had planned to stay at the beach that day and drive to Mobile, Alabama Saturday night.

Saturday dawned dark, cloudy, and raining. So, we made the split second decision to drive to Pensacola and visit the Naval Aviation Museum. 

It was a great decision.

We love the Naval Aviation Museum.

We lived in Pensacola for three years when Gabriel was a baby, and Gary worked about a block from the museum.

We certainly spent a significant amount of time at the museum when Gabriel was a baby, but not nearly as much time with the younger two.

The boys had a blast.

Xavier and Dominic are both obsessed with machines, and jets are wonderful machines.

Since the last time we were there, they've added a neat little play area for young children. I think it's inspired. 

A man wanted to take our picture. We're never in pictures together, so I let him.

Dominic and Xavier were obsessed with the guns.

And all the helicopters and jet cockpits they could get in.

There was a little boy that followed Dominic around after he found out his name. 

He had a boy in his class named Dominic, and he thought it was so wonderful to meet another Dominic.

I just realized that Gabriel is not in any of these pictures. It's not because he wasn't there. Museums are one of his favorite things, and we rarely take the time to study the plaques and exhibits the way he needs to. He's been walking around by himself in museums for about 4 years, occasionally meeting back up with us to chat about something interesting.

A trip to a museum is always a good decision for our family.


  1. wow! That looks like so much fun. My boys would be in heaven there!

  2. They would! If you ever get down that way, make the effort to stop. It's worth it.


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