Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review Tuesday- Fort Walton Beach

We love Ft Walton Beach, FL.
 I know that many people prefer Destin. Certainly, there's a lot to do in Destin. Honestly, though, we prefer a more laid back vacation. A perfect vacation for us includes a lot of relaxation, game playing, and time together as a family. We like to think Ft Walton Beach is Destin's red neck cousin. We're into that sort of thing, and there are things to do in Ft Walton Beach. 

This miniature golf course is not real posh, but it's fun, and only cost the five of us $21 to play.

There's always the beach, which on Okaloosa Island is especially family friendly.

The Indian Temple Mound Museums made for a pleasurable afternoon.

The Gulfarium is also on Okaloosa Island, but it was closed for renovations while we were there this year. I can remember going there when I was a kid!

If you're staying in a condo, instead of a cramped hotel, you might get a chance to play some games with your family.

 And, if you get bored with the fare offered in Ft Walton Beach, you can always hotfoot it over to Destin, only 20 minutes away. There, you should definitely take in McGuire's Irish Pub. Their root beer is worth going to Destin for.

 Okaloosa Island is rarely crowded, and even when it feels crowded to this crowd  hater, is not close to being as crowded as nearby beaches. The condo prices are much more reasonable, and the people are nicer. (Okay, fine. They're not really nicer. I was just throwing that in for good measure.)

Seriously, I'd really like to live here. Perhaps I could work at the fabulous yarn store, Unwind. I didn't have my camera with me when I visited them, but if you're a knitter, you'll definitely want to hit them up while you're there. Maybe you could even stop in and have breakfast with us after I start working there.

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