Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

We're I'm in the process of painting Van Gogh's Starry Night on Xavier's wall. When we decided to decorate his room with a night sky theme, we were only planning to paint the planets in our solar system on the wall. Then, I got inspired. That always means more work for me.

It's looking good, though. If it weren't for back fatigue, I'd probably be done with it by now. The lower part of the wall requires bending over, though. There's actually been quite a bit more done since this picture was taken. I've got all of the background painted in and about a third of the buildings. A couple more days and I'll have it done. I could probably get it done tomorrow if we do school in Xavier's room.  Then, it's on to the planets on the other three walls, and constellations in glow in the dark paint on the ceiling.


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