Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Books

While my mom and brother were here, forced encouraged everyone to do art projects with me. I'm pretty sure J, my nephew, will forever more think of Aunt Kristina as the art lady. I'm okay with that.

We did two art projects that I particularly enjoyed.

See how happy my brother was to be painting? He was overjoyed. Everyone is happier when they're doing art. It's true!

We made books. We painted the front of them, and some of us painted the back and inside.
I think mine looks like something you'd buy in a cheesy tourist shop. I love it.

On the first page, I wrote something to signify what each book represented.

This is Dominic's volcano.

Nephew A's car

Gary's mountains. I loved the way he used crayons and watercolors to get more depth. I was very impressed.

I was also impressed with my mom's. She sat right down and started drawing immediately. When I mentioned how impressed I was that she knew exactly what she wanted to draw, she said, "I've been drawing this exact same picture for more than 30 years. It's what I always drew to keep you guys busy in church." It works.

I've been wanting to make these books for a while. While my relatives were visiting seemed like the perfect time. My goal for these books is to give people something to look at when they need to remember the good things about themselves. After I finished making them, I forced encouraged each member of our families to write something good about each person in their respective books. Now, they have their books at home with them. I hope that people continue to write in the books. 

For our family, I plan to write in the books as often as possible. I want my children and husband to go through life knowing that we love each other and that we also like each other, and why.

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