Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Socks for Dominic and More

Dominic's requested birthday gift- Hogwart's socks.

A sweater for Cadence
I've been a little knitting depressed lately. Dominic asked that I make him a pair of Harry Potter socks for his birthday. Stepping into the yarn store was quite inspiring, all that lovely yarn. Then, Alana published her "Little Oaks" pattern. I looked over at my yarn basket, and realized I had the perfect yarn to make it for my niece. Several months ago, I won some Brambleberry Yarns from Ginny at Small Things. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it, since yellow is not really my color, as beautiful as it is. It's perfect for this project.

I've been working my way through Todd McCaffrey's books. Anne McCaffrey was one of my favorite writers. Todd McCaffrey is doing his best to carry on her work. The last book I read was Dragonsblood. I'm actually working my way through these via audio. Audio books help satisfy my need for books while keeping me off the couch. My house is much cleaner, my family better fed, and my body healthier when I'm listening to audio books. 

So, what do I think of Todd McCaffrey as an author? I think he has a lot of potential. Anne was a much better writer. I think Todd is getting there. He's still young in his writing career. Dragonsblood was a bit confusing. It jumps back and forth in time every chapter. I love the way the story weaves together, but I rarely knew what was happening. I knew that I didn't know because Dominic kept asking me questions about the book, and I had to answer, "I don't know." It was intriguing and frustrating. It didn't follow the prescribed book plots, which made it more intriguing. It didn't follow the prescribed book plots, which was frustrating for my brain, which has been trained to follow a distinct pattern. I do recommend it.

Joining along with Ginny for Yarn Along and Tami for Work in Progress Wednesday.


  1. The socks are excellent! I bet they'll be well loved:)

  2. Yay for Harry Potter socks! And you're right. That is the perfect yarn for the Little Oak sweater -- SO cute! I'm such a Coastal Knits junkie...

  3. Harry Potter socks - how great are they!?! What a good idea!

    Interesting to hear about Todd McCaffrey. My sis used to love the Anne McCaffrey books so maybe she'll like to give the new books a try?

  4. I would definitely give Todd McCaffrey a try if I were she. We've (my sons and I) been enjoying them. I think it will be interested to watch him grow as a writer.


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