Sunday, June 3, 2012

Leaving While Standing Still

Four years ago, I had a couple friends in the area. Over the coming year, I formed this deep friendship with a group of about 6 women. Slowly, we began to see less of each other, as first one moved away, then another got a job (we were formerly all homeschool moms), then one went back to school, and then another. We found that we didn't have time for each other. No one was available to go to park days anymore. The evenings were filled with family things.

For a while, we made a conscience effort to see one another. But, as life got in the way, and schedules got busier, we saw less and less of each other. Three of these women, whom I love so dearly, I haven't seen in at least six months. They mean the world to me, but their lives have moved on to other ventures.

Today, I saw something on Facebook that brought this realization home. I had been, I suppose, ignoring the fact that we never had time for one another, that we did not find our friendship important enough to make time for one another. Suddenly, my world has fallen apart. I feel like my heart has walked off and left me, while I stood silently, not seeing the danger. They were leaving, while standing perfectly still. 

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