Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To My Favorite Sister

An Ode to My Sister
You're my favorite sister,
And, after much considered thought,
I'm pretty sure, sister,
It's not 'cause you're the one I've got.
I love you more than pumpkin pie,
But that's not saying much,
'Cause the love I feel for pumpkin pie,
Is really not a bunch.
I love you more than grocery stores,
And that can be no lie.
'Cause when it comes to grocery stores,
I'd rather say goodbye.
I love you more than mornings,
But that's no news to share
'Cause when it comes to mornings,
I can be quite a bear.
I love you more than chocolate,
And now we're getting somewhere.
'Cause though I used to hate chocolate,
I crave it now; I swear.
I love you more than tea,
And you know that means a lot.
'Cause a life without tea,
Is just a horrible thought.
I love you more than knitting,
And now you know you're tops.
'Cause we all know that knitting
at my house never stops.

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