Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trip Day 4

Let's dance!

Day 4 was Gabriel's day to spar. He had a great fight. See how long those legs are? They're wicked things of head hunting power. 

Dominic showed me his puppy dog eyes. He showed them to me a lot. In fact, he tried showing them to me every time I said no. Eventually, he started showing them to me before asking me for something.

Dominic also gave himself a fat lip. He is quite talented. He was jumping around the bleachers and kneed himself in the mouth. He was just so upset about missing out on the injuries of fighting that he gave himself an injury.

Gabriel ended up with a bloody face. Apparently his opponent's toenails were not quite as short as they should have been.

It was a good day. We ended it by watching Kendall Yount fight her way to the top of the 14-17 year old girls' division. She turned 14 the following week. The next day, we watched her fight her way to the top of the 18-32 year old division. It was quite, quite exciting, and so much fun. In fact, she made national history by doing this. I expect big things from her.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Trip Day 3

Xavier's front leg is MEAN.

He got on the sports page.

Sunday, July 1st, saw us at the Dallas Convention Center for our first day of fighting. I thought about singing Eye of the Tiger as we walked in.

This was Xavier's day for fighting. I'm not sure if he was nervous, but he barely ate. His first fight was at about 2 o'clock, and all he'd had to eat was half a bagel with peanut butter and grapes. I'm pretty sure it was nerves. His first fight was great. He won 7 to 0. He was moving around. There was a great picture of him that I refused to buy for $15, that showed him dodging a kick. He looked like Neo from "The Matrix."  Kinda wish I'd been willing to pay for it, but oh well. 

But, fighting takes a lot out of you. His body didn't have much to give, and it gave it all in the first fight. Even looking at the pictures from the second fight, you can see that he's spent. That one picture says it all. He just didn't have the energy to fight. At the end of the fight, all he could think about was food. After eating, the world was a wonderful place again. 

That night, we had another workout, and we had a bit of time to wait for everyone to gather. We hung out by the fire in the hotel. After all, it had rained in Dallas and the temperatures had dropped to a cool 84. And, really, I was a little cold. It was cold in that convention center!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Travel Day Two

The second day of our trip, we spent with my uncle, aunt, cousin and her family. I have absolutely no pictures. I was having too much fun, and should have hired a photographer for the occasion. After all, this was the first time in 14 years that we saw each other when there wasn't a funeral involved. 

The boys had a lot of fun playing with my cousin's boys and swimming, as you can tell by Xavier's red cheeks. After the visit, we went to Olive Garden so that Xavier could "Carb up" as per his Uncle Josh's instructions on what to do before a big workout, as he had to fight the next day.

After dinner, we went to where all the beautiful people were so that Xavier and Gabriel could get a workout in before we went to bed. Dominic played with a friend who had already competed, and got two gold medals!

Gabriel worked out barefoot, which was very distracting to his partner. You see, he has amazing tan lines on his feet, and that was all she could focus on.

This picture truly does not do justice to the tan lines.

The boys were very impressed by the architecture of Dallas, which reminded me that they really haven't been to many large cities.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Travel Day One

Gabriel and Xavier had a tae kwon do tournament in Dallas this year. The first day of our trip was certainly exciting. We spent all day in the car listening to The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien. Ah, what bliss. Of course, it's a long book, and lasted us almost all week in Dallas driving to and from the tournament.

If you want to eat gluten free at Subway, get a salad with everything you want on your sandwich. Put it on a gluten free bun and there you go. Just remember that place is caked in gluten, so you'll probably get some cross contamination if that's a problem for you.

Caprese salad snack- Yes, I packed the ingredients for this in our cooler.

They do get up to some interesting things in Texas.

This is what happens when you leave the house at 04:00.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meeting Old Friends

6 years ago, I began researching homeschooling. One of the books I read led me to an email list that proved to be an enormous help in my search for community. I saw this one woman repeatedly giving wonderful advice. A few months later, I joined a tight knit Yahoo group for military homeschoolers and discovered her on there as well.

Over the last five years, I have turned to her for advice and friendship. This long distance relationship slowly developed. I read about her family's joys and heartbreaks and shared my own. I thought our sons would make very good friends indeed.

Then, last summer I found out we would be going to Dallas for our national tae kwon do tournament. I immediately emailed her to see if we could get together while we were here.

Last night, after almost a week in Dallas, we finally got together. It was like seeing someone I've known for years. And the boys- well, I was right. They had a blast. Gabriel came clean out of his shell and left it by the side of the road.

We were having so much fun that when Gary said we should leave, I was shocked to learn it was 11 o'clock. A true testament to how much fun the boys had is their demeanor today. Gabriel and Xavier both look and sound like they're hungover. Gabriel has a sore throat from talking so much. Dominic is sound asleep in the back seat as we drive to see family today. I'm so thankful for this friendship.


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