Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trip Day 4

Let's dance!

Day 4 was Gabriel's day to spar. He had a great fight. See how long those legs are? They're wicked things of head hunting power. 

Dominic showed me his puppy dog eyes. He showed them to me a lot. In fact, he tried showing them to me every time I said no. Eventually, he started showing them to me before asking me for something.

Dominic also gave himself a fat lip. He is quite talented. He was jumping around the bleachers and kneed himself in the mouth. He was just so upset about missing out on the injuries of fighting that he gave himself an injury.

Gabriel ended up with a bloody face. Apparently his opponent's toenails were not quite as short as they should have been.

It was a good day. We ended it by watching Kendall Yount fight her way to the top of the 14-17 year old girls' division. She turned 14 the following week. The next day, we watched her fight her way to the top of the 18-32 year old division. It was quite, quite exciting, and so much fun. In fact, she made national history by doing this. I expect big things from her.

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