Thursday, August 30, 2012

Xavier's Bucket List

  1. make gunpowder
  2. go sky diving
  3. have a Nerf war!
  4. Do a barrel roll (while sky diving)
  5. go into space
  6. find Raxacoriclefallopitorius
  7. move to Britain
  8. be the Doctor
  9. learn how to hang glide
  10. start a jazz club
  11. start a chess club
  12. get gold in nationals
  13. make a potato canon
  14. make a catapult
  15. make a working robot
  16. mess with a computer
  17. whup mom in Mario bros
  18. go seven days without video games
  19. learn parcour
  20. get a masters degree
  21. meet the myth busters
  22. ride every roller coaster in the world
  23. scale a building
  24. do james bond stuff
  25. meet Christopher Ecleston
  26. meet David Tennant
  27. meet Matt smith
  28. drive a monster truck


Please, be respectful. We're all friends here. We can disagree with respect.


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