Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cleaning Out My Inbox

A major time waster for me is email. It's not the email I receive from friends and family, or even my business email. It's the email that various companies send me because I signed up for something on their website. Sometimes, it's just because I ordered something online. 

Last week, Gary wiped my computer. I deleted over 8,000 photos. He deleted all of my emails. I figure there couldn't have been anything too important in there. Now, I've made it my goal to unsubscribe from every company's email that I possibly can. All those political emails? Unsubscribed. (I think I get about 10 each day!) All those emails from various stores and brands? Unsubscribed. (I probably get about 40 of these each day.) What a waste of time. I'm thrilled to be decluttering my life in this way.

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