Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vacation 2013 Day 1

Disney Princess Eyes
We went on a cruise for our vacation this year. I'm happy to say it did not turn out like the last one. (You really want to read that. It's hilarious. And, I can thankfully say that it is no longer the worst cruise I can imagine!) Our cruise was wonderful. It was relaxing, and everyone had a good time. Gabriel even had a good time, even though he spent the first morning throwing up because he didn't take his medication fast enough after waking up. After Gary found him some wonderful medication, Gabriel spent most of that and every evening in the library. I don't have any pictures of Xavier from that day, since he spent most of his time on board ship with the teens.

This is Gabriel's miracle motion sickness medication. It works amazingly quickly, even for me. While I don't get motion sickness on board ships or planes, I do in the car. However, I am unable to take medication for it because it knocks me unconscious. This stuff was fast and effective, and I was able to stay awake.

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