Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This blog began as a chronicle of our homeschool life. Over the years (almost 6!), the blog has become much more about our family in general, and me in specific. The name "Freedom Lovers' Academy" just doesn't fit any longer. After all, one of my children is almost done homeschooling. Our family is growing and changing, and so has our blog. I have decided it is time to change the name of our blog.

My nickname while in the Navy was Bourbon, because it was part of my maiden name. My moniker all across the internet has been Bourbon Girl for many years. Gary and I have even begun to call our family "The House of Bourbon."

Along with the new name, there are going to be some other changes. Xavier has agreed to start blogging with me. I believe that Gabriel may start making some contribution, and Dominic is considering a vlog. I would love this blog to fully reflect our family, and I am looking forward to the changes. I hope you come along for the ride.

Also, I've grown 1/2 an inch since starting chiropractic care. Who knew?

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  1. Start doing some regular gentle yoga, and I bet you'll get another 1/2 inch!

    Love the new blog name, am enjoying the growth and evolvement!


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