Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation Day 4- Grand Cayman

The one thing Dominic wanted to do on our vacation was play with the dolphins. We decided that Gary would take the older boys snorkeling while I took Dominic to play with the dolphins. Gary and the boys had a good time, but we have no pictures. That's the breaks. My little secret is that I think Dominic and I got the better deal. It was wonderful to interact with the dolphins.

I have always loved tendering to shore. I remember fellow sailors downright panicking having to get on a tender. I loved it, though. Dominic did, too. Gabriel, not so much. The tender made his motion sickness worse.


Grand Cayman

Dominic thought it was hilarious that they had jump seats on the bus.

Dolphin Encounter

Sting Rays!

Dolphin ride

Dolphin Push

Dolphin ride

Dolphin Kisses

Dolphin Interaction

Dolphin Kisses


After our play with the dolphins, we grabbed a snack and headed outside. Part of the excursion was the ability to go across the street to see a sea turtle breeding farm. Dominic just wanted to sit and wait for the bus. But... We had 15 minutes, and we were at a place we wouldn't have an opportunity to see again soon, so across the street we went. We walked quickly through farm and learned some interesting things.

This is the breeding tank. Did you know that sea turtles only breed once a year? But they stay connected for 72 hours!

The two year olds


We got to hold the juveniles, and Dominic had fun, so totally worth the bit of attitude.

Pirate Dominic

But, somehow, at the end of the day, I ended up with a pirate. How did that happen?

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