Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Searching, Confrontation, and Finding Your Voice - I know god's not real, but I'm not as sure about the Doctor.Recently, my children and I made an agreement that they would occasionally blog for me. A week ago, Xavier wrote me a blog post, and I told him I couldn't post it. It is a very confrontational piece, and that isn't what this blog is all about. When he originally suggested blogging for me, he was talking about discussing things he loves like planets, Doctor Who, etc.

Today, I realized that the post is written in Xavier's voice, and his voice is important. It is important to recognize his searching, and the fact that he is at a place in his life where he is confrontational. I want him to find his voice, and right now, it is confrontational. And if he needs to be confrontational to satisfy the needs of his soul, confrontational is what we'll get. Great things can come from confrontation. So, here is his unfiltered blog post, edited only for punctuation and spelling on his request. All emphasis is his.

Why are we here? NO, NOT WHY ARE WE ALIVE. Why do we exist? Is it because of nature, the moon, or are we part of a greater plot, something we don't even know about yet? I've been asking myself and other people why we're here. They don't understand what I'm trying to ask is why do we live on Earth; instead of being just simple, we evolved into the largest race on the planet. Is it god? Is there some overpowered cosmic being watching over us, judging how we thing, watching our wars AND DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT? I don't believe in god for this reason. TELL ME GOD, IF YOU'RE REAL, WHY DON'T YOU HELP US, MAYBE A LITTLE BIT, A TINY BIT? Now I'm done with that. 

Let's get on to something else. If it's just nature, WELL THAT'S BORING. The moon? Why did I even think of that? Somethin' about tides, ah I'll think about it later. 

Anyway, so now let's think about the grand design. So let's think. What do you think about that idea? It seems stupid. Think who would make a bunch of people who could become so great, but then would be faulty so that they make hundreds of freakin' smart phones, and hundreds of cars. WHO WOULD MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS? The truth is folks, we will never know, not until we travel through time, and that is a whole different story.



  1. His voice is very important, and beautiful! Keep asking the questions and exploring, Xavier. I sure don't have all the answers, and I have been asking questions a very long time. I loved seeing this!

  2. Great post Xavier!! It never ceases to amaze me to hear how your mind works. Keep thinking and keep searching.

  3. Bravo to Xavier for writing, for wanting to share. Bravo to Kristina for recognizing the importance of giving Xavier a safe place to share.

    Truthfully, I've asked questions along these lines since I was about 11. The questions themselves change over time, as does the intensity of my need for answers, but they're always kind of there.

  4. This is so very courageous of Xavier! Well done. I share the love of Doctor Who as well, so that just sucked me right in. But, he words are poignant and very well written. Way to question things, it helps you think on your own. And well done Mama for allowing your son to question things!

  5. Thanks, guys. As most of you know, my own searching has spanned decades, so the subject matter didn't bother me much. I am glad that I have a forum already in place for him to express himself through. After all, he *is* almost 13 (!) years old, and that's an age when people are finding themselves, growing, and figuring out who they want to be.


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