Thursday, October 17, 2013

Special Operations Warrior Foundation Fundraiser

by Gary
There are countless charitable organizations looking for donations, whether you want to save spotted owls or donate money to further the education of left handed people (we’re a special breed). Most people cherish every dollar they earn, and while they are interested in donating money to a worthy cause, they often don’t know where to start. Another problem is not knowing how much of your money is going to the cause your passionate about and how much is going towards the company overhead.
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation was established to provide college educations for the children of fallen Special Operations operators in Army, Navy, Marine Corp, and Air Force. This covers both operational and training missions. This was one of the biggest selling points for me when researching charities. The men that have dedicated their lives to serve their country in the Special Operations arena have been through the toughest training the military has to offer. Their job is inherently dangerous, and it requires that they are proficient in a myriad of abilities. This requires countless hours of training and for it to be effective, the training needs to be as realistic as possible, after all only perfect practice makes perfect. However, odds are that when men perform dangerous missions either for training or for real world operations, eventually there are casualties.
The last 13 years has seen many service members pay the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy and the Special Operations community is no different. Many have paid that price on the battlefield, and some have paid that price while training to get ready for that battlefield. These men often die young, leaving grieving families without a way to pay for their children to attend college and that’s where the Special Operations Warrior Foundation steps in. The fundraisers they support range from cross country ruck marches to golf tournaments and from ultra-marathons to mustache growing contests (that is not a typo). The organization supports all of this with 5.1% overhead.
We all have the freedom to choose where and when we spend our money. We all have a vast array of choices when it comes to donating money. I chose the Special Operations Warrior Foundation because of their steadfast resolve to support the children of those left behind, whether from peacetime or wartime. To the child left without a father it makes no difference to the child if their father died on the battlefield or the training field, the result is still the same.

From Kristina:
The SOWF also provides support to families before their children are ready to go to college. They provide support to help these children be ready for college when they get to that stage. They also provide financial assistance to special operations personnel severely wounded in combat. They provide money immediately to the families so they can be with their loved one at the hospital. This is a special need because it can be a financial hardship on families to be with their injured love one.

This year, the daughter of man who died while assigned to Gary's squadron is going to school using funds provided by SOFW. Each year, some of our friends run in a relay marathon, The Bourbon Chase, to raise money for SOWF. Tomorrow is the day they start this year. We would like to help them raise money. Please, take a moment to donate whatever you can to this cause that is so special to our hearts. Bourbon Chase Relay Team Fundraiser Any amount you can give will help. Thank you so much!

You can follow SOWF on Facebook.

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