Friday, October 25, 2013

The Long and Cold of It

This is the time of year that I wish I was in the habit of wearing makeup. At no other time of year do I care about makeup as anything other than another art form. But now, I want to break out the Bare Minerals and cake them atop my nose. This won't stop my nose from turning red, but it would prevent other people from seeing the warning light my nose is emitting, alerting everyone to the frigidity of the air outside. 

I was in marching band. Each fall of high school, I would get up early each morning to get to the field early to practice. I was only ever a so-so flute player, but I was a great marcher. And every morning, I would put on my red rain boots and march. And I loved it. I loved it so much that when I forgot those rain boots, I marched barefoot in the cold fall mornings. I could have marched for hours ignoring the discomfort, yet my nose turns bright red when the temperature dips below 60. 

Two years ago, it was moderately cold on Halloween. It must have been colder than I thought it was, though, because I got frostbite on my fingers. My fingers still turn white at random times. Although I can ignore the cold in the pursuit of something I love, I tend to hate the cold.
All this to say- it snowed yesterday!!! And when I told Gary it was snowing, he said, "Sell the house." Oh yes, we are in perfect accord when it comes to snow in Kentucky, it's useless. 
The pictures of flowers in this post were taken yesterday while it was snowing. Today, that poor little fly is just trying to stay warm inside, and I'm knitting myself a hat. 

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