Sunday, November 24, 2013

9 Things

Facebook is social media. It is all about knowing each other. I know a lot of people are irritated by Facebook memes. There were many people who detested the giraffe meme. (I'm not gonna change my picture just because someone says I got the answer to a question wrong. Besides, I disagree with the answer!) I don't understand the irritation. If you don't want to participate, don't. If you don't want to change your picture, don't. What's the big deal? I skip memes I'm not interested in, and jump whole heartedly into those I like. And, when I particularly like the meme, and I'm hard up for a blog post for NaBloPoMo, I'll let Facebook memes bleed over into blog land. I mean, what could be better than a detested Facebook meme making it into another part of the internet? So, today I present to you the (random number) of things you may not know about me. I do love to talk about me, after all.

1. I *love* the song "Blurred Lines" because it describes me perfectly as a teenager, that good girl who wanted to be bad. (Yes, I am aware of how many people think this is demeaning to women. I am who I am and this song speaks to me.)

2. I wanted to have a gaggle of children, at least 12. But we stopped, and sometime last year, I stopped wanting to have more children. I still have that urge occasionally, usually when I'm around very small children and babies. Which leads me to the admission that I like newborns better than any other age out there, adults included.

3. I desperately wanted to be black when I was a child. Those afros and that beautiful skin. No, really black, not tan. I wanted to be ebony.

4. When I was in the Navy, I had three nicknames- Bourbon (because it was a shortened version of my maiden name), Smiley (even people who'd never met me before called me this, ex gate guards), and Jerry (Because they said I looked like I had a jerry curl because my hair was so kinky and always wet.)

5. I have 3 tattoos. I got them all when I was 18, half a lifetime ago (literally). I do not regret any of them. They all have deep meaning for me. I want more. In fact, I plan to get more next year, at least two. All the tattoos I currently have are not visible if I am wearing pants or a skirt. The next two will be visible unless I'm wearing gloves and pants.

6. I want to sell all my worldly possessions (except maybe my knitting needles, paint supplies, and computer) and travel the world. On a similar note,  I love to be barefoot, and would prefer to spend the rest of my life in a tropical setting in order to facilitate this love.

7. I have dyed my hair blue, bright red, auburn, and black. I haven't been blonde since I was 8 and my hair got a tan. (I remember looking in the mirror and thinking my hair had achieved a great tan, better even than my skin, that summer.)

8. I have been writing since I was a kid, mostly horrible poetry and love songs, yet my spelling is still so awful that the computer frequently has no idea what word I'm trying to spell. Last week, I was trying to spell a word. I spelled it probably 10 different ways, and the computer could never figure out what I was trying to spell. Most of the time it had "no suggestions." Later that day, Gary sent me a blog post that contained that word. Really, Gary? You're such a show off with your spelling and Scrabble skills. It is really sad how abysmal my spelling is. I have a fantastic vocabulary, and I can't play Scrabble to save my life.

9. Since I left home at the age of 17, I have lived in seven states, Washington D.C., and Greece. Of all those places, I cannot think of one where I would not live again. But the world is so incredibly big, and there are so many places to explore and people to meet that it would be difficult to move back to one of those places I've already been.

Play along in the comments! Tell me about yourself. I'd love to get to know you better.

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