Thursday, November 7, 2013

Group Project

An out of town family member had a birthday and asked for a blanket for his birthday. This request was made after his birthday. I knew he just wanted me to buy him a blanket and send it to him, but that's not how I work. You can't make a request like that one and expect to get something from the store. I went through my fabric and found a large enough piece of black fleece to make him a blanket. We all sat down together and made him a blanket.

periodic table blanket

Since we were in a hurry, and the blanket needed to be compactable, we didn't make him a quilt. Instead, we just sewed squares of fabric on top of the fleece blanket we'd made. We included a few extra elements, including Bubblegumium, OneUpium, and Adimantium. I'm quite happy with how well this quick project turned out.

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