Friday, November 22, 2013

Meanwhile, Over in La La Land

Many things were said today that I never thought to hear come from my sometimes prudish children. I'm going to share three with you, because, well... I've been sick, and they made me smile. Warning- some not so great language is involved.

"Bugger off... please." Oh yes, the please makes it all better. And, really, where did my child learn that phrase? British television perhaps?

"That's bad ass." While this is one of my favorite phrases, I've never heard one of my children say it. Apparently, it is a phrase this particular child uses on a regular basis, just not in my hearing. Since my rule about cursing for my children has always been that they may curse so long as they understand when it is okay to curse, I am okay with this. After all, this particular child was in the middle of a D&D game, his first since GenCon. Of course everything was bad ass.

"I think they just take vacations every once in a while to hook up." This from my most prudish child, when asked how the Amazons perpetuated their race.

I'm almost positive I'm not high on meds, but quite frankly, I'm not sure. These could all have been figments of my imagination. After all, not only am I on sinus medication, but I've been drinking espresso. The two together, I'm sure, have given me a bit of a high. Combine all that with the giddiness my children felt when I told them they were going to be playing D&D, and you've got a lethal combination.

To top it off, on the way home, one of my children said very slowly, "Buuullll Shark." Well, okay then. Apparently, he was actually talking about sharks, but the way he said it, I thought something else was coming out of his mouth. Well, wouldn't you, considering the rest of my day?

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  1. Well, when something's bad ass, you just have to say it.

    I think I might steal "buuullll sshhhharrrkkk" for use in certain situations.



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