Sunday, December 1, 2013

Make Money On Cyber Monday

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday. Most online stores will be having fantastic deals. If you're planning to shop online tomorrow, or at any time ever again, you should sign up for Ebates. Ebates is a wonderful place on the internet, sort of like an adult Candyland. You sign up for free. Then, every time you shop online, be sure you access stores through their website. It's very easy. You just sign into Ebates and find your store on their website. They even have an app for shopping on your phone.

Sometimes, they have special coupons or free shipping. They usually have a percentage of cash back from your purchase. For instance, in the above picture, there is an offer for Living Social that gives 25% off your next purchase, plus 4% cash back. This offer is good until December 3rd. It's a great deal because this is in addition to the savings you already get by shopping through at Living Social.

You can use all your other promotions with the cash back. For instance, my mother got an 8% cash back offer for Kohls, and used that in addition to the 15% off the Black Friday deals she was taking advantage of for Christmas. She also got Kohls bucks. Since she was sending this gift long distance, she took advantage of Kohls' free shipping, and saved even more money.

If you'd like to save money this year, and you plan to shop online, be sure you take advantage of Ebates. Another tip I heard last year is that many grocery stores give special deals for gift cards. For instance, our local grocery store, Kroger, gives double points for gift card purchases. I can then turn around and use those gift cards to buy things through Ebates. This enables me to get cheaper gasoline, and save money on my Christmas gifts.

I try to purchase as much as possible locally, and make many of my Christmas gifts myself. But, if I do any online shopping, I try to remember to go through Ebates

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

*If you follow my links, I get a referral bonus if you make a purchase. I would love for you to follow my link, and share your own link with your friends and family. In this way, we can all save a little money this holiday season, and all year.

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